About SMT

Stowage Plan

We offer to you a highly qualified logistics and operational staff and Quality Engineers at Manzanillo Port which are inspecting their cargoes, coordinating operations, reporting in real-time the development of the operations. Once the operation is completed, we will deliver to each customer a written report detailing inspection of the cargo on time and form.

SMT develops stowage plans to improve operating times and adding quality to our personalized service according to customer needs.

We create stowage plans to perform cargo distribution in the vessels holds depending on the weight tolerances and geometry between them to prevent damages and securing them with 6 front bands slings and 6 back slings.

Our fleet consist in 5 sisters modern 2008-2013, MPP, single or tween deck (take-away type), 9000 DWT box, geared 2 X 40 swl (Comb. abt 70mt).